Our Mission 

Our mission is to stimulate our members through informative workshops, lectures, exhibition opportunities and community building, while helping to connect our members to the larger arts community through events and our affiliate art organizations.

About APA

The Alberta Potters Association (APA) is a
vibrant community of clay artists based in Alberta, Canada. Established in 1968, the APA has been providing opportunities and support to our membership ranging from enthusiasts to professional ceramic artists for nearly fifty years. Don’t let our name fool you; our membership is made up of sculptors, potters, performance artist, public art installation artists, and mixed media folks who make public art, table wear, decorative and conceptual work. We have professionals, amateurs and hobbyists, professors of ceramic arts and recreational instructors in our midst. We come from all walks of life and are brought together by the love to work creatively with clay. Our board is currently based mainly in Calgary but has members from every corner of Alberta. As the provincial body, we look to all involved in clay to provide us with feedback and direction and encourage conversations and discussion to improve our services. We encourage all of our members to develop  their art and craft to the highest level of creativity and making. Simply, we aim for members to show their best work and be the most innovative and progressive in Alberta, if not Canada. The Alberta Potters’ Association was incorporated as a registered charity in 1971, operating in Alberta through the Society’s Act.

It operates through its bylaws, with a slate of directors and various programs to support, promote and provide educational opportunities for its members. While all those who are interested in ceramics, whether artist, collector, administrator, or business owner are invited to join and help us support, promote and enhance ceramics in Alberta, our definition of artist is defined by the Canada Council for the Arts: “A Professional Artist, as defined by the Canada Council for the Arts – “A professional artist has specialized training in his or her artistic field (not necessarily obtained in an academic institution); is recognized as such by his or her peers (artists working in the same artistic tradition); is committed to devoting more time to the artistic activity if this becomes financially feasible; and has a history of public presentation.” Our fiscal year end is March 31 to April 1. Annual General Meetings are held within three months of the year-end. The board meets on a monthly basis, when possible. Dates will be published and are open to members and the public.